A Comparative Study Between Teaching Reading Comprehension Of Narrative Text By Using The Herringbone Technique (HT) And The Context Clues Strategy

This paper is about to find out whether there is a significant difference between teaching reading comprehension of narrative text by using the Herringbone Technique (HT) and the Context clues strategy to the eighth grade students of SMP Negeri 3 Padangsidimpuan or not. And the number of sample in this research is 70 students. They are divided into 35 students who are taught by using the Herringbone Technique and 35 students are taught by using the Context clues strategyy.In order to get the needed data, the writer applies the library and field research. And as the instrument for collecting the data from the field the writer uses the written test. After getting the data, the next step which is done by the writer is analyzing it by using the statistical analysis which is the formulation of t-test.

Keywords: reading comprehension, herringbone technique, context clues strategy


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